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Decumulative CONCRETE Batch Plants
Decumulative concrete plants provide a low profile and efficient
solution to concrete production.  Precise weighing systems
ensure that no accuracy is forfeited when utilizing
a loss-in-weight system in lieu of a traditional
accumulating scale.  Decumulative plants
can be designed for high volume production, central
mix applications, and concrete products and precast
operations.  These plants can be stationary,
modular, skid mounted, portable, and/or ISO
containerized.  Decumulative
plants are ideal
for small market producers, on-site concrete
production, and function as reliable back-up
and supplemental production plants.

Explore the benefits below.

Decumulative Coarse Aggregate Bin - 1 
A decumulative plant requires a weighing bin/hopper for each raw material.  The coarse aggregate bin can be designed to hold a suitable amount of material to satisfy your production requirements.  Standard bins include a NTEP approved weighing system, inching type discharge gate, and pneumatic vibrator.  Multiple design configurations can accommodate any number of aggregate materials.

Decumulative Fine Aggregate Bin - 2
The fine aggregate bin can be configured the same as the other aggregate bin(s) or there can be variations in size.  Bin size is important because loading can't occur during the batching cycle.  Automated systems can be supplied that add material during non-batching intervals.  A primary benefit of a decumulative plant is that each material can be batched at the same time, increasing speed and facilitating the staging of materials into the truck.  A decumulative batch plant's low profile and small footprint characteristics make it ideal for small sites and can be easily enclosed.

Batch Transfer Conveyor - 3
The batch transfer conveyor transfers all the raw materials to the mixer truck.  The transfer conveyor can be covered, supplied with a cleated belt, and is sized to meet your production requirements.  An abrasion resistant urethane lined truck charging hopper provides a controlled discharge into the mixer truck.


Decumulative Cement Silo - 4
Cement storage and discharge on a decumulative batch plant can be achieved with a weighed bin or supplied with a traditional weigh batcher.  Cement can be discharged onto the belt, transferred with screw conveyors to the truck charging area, or discharged via gravity with an overhead silo.  A weighed silo allows for constant display of inventory and speeds up the batching cycle.  The plant can be designed with multiple silo arrangements.

Water, Air, & Electrical Systems
The water system can be designed with a water meter, water weigh batcher, and water storage tank.  Pneumatic power for the plant solenoid valves and actuators is supplied with a properly sized air compressor.  The electrical system contains a pre-wired motor control panel, disconnect, and transformer for all primary and control wiring; requiring a single power source connection.  Self-contained power units can be provided with a plant mounted diesel generator.  Electrical, water, and air systems are pre-wired and pre-plumbed on single-piece plants.  Modular plant designs are pre-wired and pre-plumbed by section and can be supplied with pin and sleeve electrical connections.  Electrical items can be supplied to accommodate international voltage requirements.

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Plant Control
The operation of the plant devices can be achieved with a manual push button panel, digital pre-sets, or an automated computer control system.  A basic manual push button panel requires the operator to manually control each function of the batching process.  Digital pre-sets require less manual operation and can automatically stop and start each scale.   A fully automated computer control system can complete an entire batching cycle with the push of a single button.  Fully automated plants can be independently operated of the computer system via a backup manual panel. 
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