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Dribble Batch CONCRETE Batch Plant
A dribble batch concrete batch plant implies that the raw materials
are self-loaded or "dribbled" into a single weighing hopper via a
front-end loader or other means.  The operator loading the materials
"dribbles" or fills the bin with a particular raw material until target
weight is reached and repeats the process for all constituent materials.
Simple and economical, these plants provide a cost-effective alternative
to concrete production for low volume and small market producers.
Dribble batch plants can be paired with bulk storage silos, cement
weighing and transfer systems, and cement bag breaking systems.

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Weighing System
The dribble batch hopper consists of a four (4) compression type load cell weighing system with digital read out (DRO).  The DRO is mounted in an unobstructed location for the loader to easily monitor during filling.  Remote displays with visually larger readings can be provided as an option. 

The Hopper
The hopper can be constructed in a variety of sizes and configurations.  The units can be skid mounted, portable, or ISO containerized.  Standard hoppers include a pneumatic inching type gate, manual air over air gate controls, and a pneumatic vibrator with air over air controls.  The hopper can be designed with electric over air controls and supplied with a mounted air compressor.

Conveyer & Other Systems
The transfer conveyor loads the material into the mixer truck or other mixing device.  The conveyor can be supplied with a diesel engine as a power source.  Water metering and discharge systems can be supplied and mounted on the plant.

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