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Transit Mix CONCRETE Batch Plant
A transit mix or "dry batch" concrete plant can be customized
in a multitude of ways to address a producer's needs for
production, storage, aggregate handling, cement handling,
the management of specialty products, dust control, and
computer controlled automation.  All of these needs can be
provided on either stationary, modular, portable, or ISO

containerized platforms; or a combination thereof. 
National Concrete Corporation can design a custom transit
mix plant that meet's the unique needs of each concrete
producer.  We can supply affordable and efficient custom
concrete batch plant design for high, moderate, and low
volume concrete producers alike.

Learn more about transit mix concrete batch plants below.


Aggregate Section & Aggregate Handling System
The aggregate section consists of overhead aggregate storage and the aggregate weigh batcher.  Overhead aggregate storage can be designed in a vast array of optional layout's that meet the producer's requirements for number of compartments and storage capacity.  The quantity and size of custom designed overhead aggregate storage compartments allows for any concrete producer to have a configuration that meets their specific needs.  Overhead aggregate bins can be supplied with replaceable abrasion resistant urethane liners, material level indicators, moisture measuring and compensating probes, and heating systems to accommodate cold weather concrete production.

The aggregate weigh batcher precisely weighs the aggregate materials discharged from the overhead storage bins.  Standard weigh batchers include NTEP approved stainless steel load cells, a high speed inching type discharge gate, pneumatic vibrator, and test weight hanging brackets.  Multiple and live bottom weigh batchers are available and all can be supplied with abrasion resistant urethane liners.

Aggregate feed systems can be designed in a variety of ways to facilitate the transfer of ground storage to the overhead aggregate bins. 
The systems are designed based upon production requirements, site size and topography, and budget.  Some of the systems available include:  single feed conveyor with electric turnhead or shuttle conveyor, single feed conveyors for each overhead compartment, radial stacking conveyors, or a combination thereof.  Various ground storage hopper configurations can be customized for your particular application, including drive-over, tunnel, and rail unloading systems.  These systems can be completely automated.  Aggregate heating of ground storage is also available for cold weather concrete production


Batch Transfer/Truck Charging Conveyor
The batch transfer conveyor transfers the weighed aggregate materials from the aggregate weigh batch to the mixer truck.  Attached to the conveyor is an abrasion resistant urethane lined truck charging hopper that facilitates controlled loading into the truck.  The batch transfer conveyor is sized to accommodate your production requirements and truck loading characteristics. 


Cement Section
The cement section consists of bulk storage cementitious materials storage and the cement weigh batcher.  Bulk storage cementitious storage can be configured as single units, multi-compartment, or multiple silo arrangements.  Individual and multi-compartment silo sizes range from 200 BBL's to 2,500 BBL's.  Larger bolt-together units are also available.  Storage capacities can be tailored to your production requirements.
The cement weigh batcher provides precise weighing for the plants cementitious materials.  Standard components include NTEP approved stainless steel load cells, pneumatic inching type discharge valve, aeration, pneumatic vibrator, and test weight hanging brackets. Multiple cementitious materials weigh batchers can be provided to increase throughput, prevent cross-contamination, and preserve color sensitive end products.

Water, Air, & Electrical Systems
Plant mounted water, air, and electrical systems are supplied with all transit mix plants and are sized according to your production requirements.  Various configurations for batch water include:  water meter, water meter with holding tank, and a water weigh batcher with holding tank.  The air system that powers the plant solenoid valves and actuators is supplied by an air compressor that is appropriately sized for each plant.  The electrical system contains the pre-wired motor control panel, main disconnect, and transformer for all primary and control devices; requiring a single power source connection.  The electrical system can be configured to accommodate international voltage requirements and all interconnecting primary and control wiring can be provided with pin and sleeve connections to facilitate quick installation.

Batch Plant Control
The control functions of the batch plant can be operated via a manual push button panel or through a computer controlled automation system.  A basic manual push button panel requires the operator to manually control each function of the batching process.  A fully automated computer control system can complete an entire batching cycle with the push of a single button.  Fully automated plants can be independently operated of the computer system via a backup manual panel.

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